Work After Dark

Relationships in the workplace.

It’s something that a lot of companies have very strict policies against; I’ve always thought it interesting to get people’s opinions on this general guideline. I’ve heard everything from “It shouldn’t be an issue” to “They can destroy everything.”

I can understand that relationships at work can be damaging if one of the partners is in a power position. This is something I’ve been warned about since I was nineteen – don’t date the boss. I’ve heard stories of people quitting their jobs so that they could date the boss; but I think that a dream career would be difficult to give up for a hopeful relationship. It’s different if you’re in an arbitrary position, a part time gig, but a career? I think I would have a seriously difficult time making that decision. What if the connection only works when you’re in an office, not in real life situations?

Maybe I place too much value on work. I’ve been called a work-a-holic since my first job. (Scooping ice cream at Haagen Dazs – I actually learned a lot about branding from that position.)

Can relationships still negatively (or positively) impact your work life if you are in lateral positions?