Early on in my job search, I put my resume on Monster – I knew it wasn’t a great resource, but it seemed like a logical step. I figured it couldn’t hurt to have my information on one more job board. Who knows? I might even get a lucky phone call.

Turns out, from Monster alone, I have received no less than twenty “job offers” in the last few months. None of them were careers I would consider accepting – all of them were 100% commission based, and at least half of them claimed to have found me through a “targeted search.” That’s weird… I don’t remember putting “I sell health insurance” on my resume. Let me check it.

Nope, the words health + insurance are nowhere to be found.

While these emails are annoying and spammy, they¬†can serve as a little pick me up in the midst of a discouraging job search. Even though I know these aren’t positions I am willing to get into, or have any interest in, it’s kind of nice hearing that I’ve been “selected” to sell an organization’s prized product.

Guess that’s why my resume is still on Monster somewhere.

Have you received these emails? Do they serve any purpose – or are they just frustrating messages taking up room in your inbox?