Top 10 Lessons Learned While 22

Well, it’s official. Today I am one year older… one year further into my journey. I’ve learned a lot over the last 22 years, but this time around I faced the biggest learning curve yet (besides, perhaps, learning to walk and talk – thanks mom & dad).

During my 22nd year, I learned, among other things:

1) Having a dishwasher is not a requirement in your first house – there is a lot of fun to be had jamming out to music and washing dishes with your roommate.

2) Cooking is hard, but it’s not THAT hard. Slathering chicken breasts in BBQ sauce and throwing them in the oven is a meal your friends will appreciate – and tastes like it was a lot harder to make than it actually was.

3) When surrounded by your family, you can get through anything. (Confession: This isn’t something new I learned, but it was reaffirmed through some pretty soul-rocking situations.)

4) Being poor isn’t all that bad. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment when you pay your bills with barely any money left in your account each month.

5) Writing is not a static skill – read as much as you can and have more experienced people edit everything you plan on publishing.

6) Moving to a strange city and staying in a hotel for seven months is both really fun and really stressful – do more yoga.

7) College students need to complete more internships and learn their craft outside of the classroom.

8) There is a lot to be learned from webinars and autobiographies of successful people.

9) Making connections online can be is just as valuable as making connections in real life – but it’s more fun to sit over a cup of coffee than to tweet back and forth.

10) People want to help you navigate your path. Give up some power and let them.

So there you have it. The top ten lessons I learned while 22. I can’t wait to learn and discover even more this year!