Who Says Post Grad Internships Are Ridiculous?

Graduating from college without a career plan is disappointing. Being immersed in a job search with minimal results is beyond discouraging.


I graduated recently, and I have been in one of those discouraged states – I was frustrated beyond the point of reason. I felt like a failure. I was embarrassed at the state of my career. I was disappointed because in one of my current roles I have the title of “intern.” And being an intern after graduation is embarrassing, right?

I thought everyone else had it all figured out.

A friend picked up on this mood while we were talking – and gave me a serious reality check. This friend very quickly changed my perspective… and I have since created a new outlook for myself.

“That is ridiculous.”

My title may be “intern”, but I complete more meaningful projects, have more responsibility, and have much more fun than I do in my other “real job” as a Marketing Coordinator. I continue to succeed in my role as an intern. Most important, if that level of success was occurring in a full-time position rather than an internship, I would be thrilled with where my career path was headed.

Here’s my thought now: Post grads put too much emphasis on their title… instead of focusing on their job functions – and learning their craft.

We need to remember that although “intern” isn’t an ideal position post graduation, most internships offer valuable learning experiences and can set the pace for our careers… that the value of an internship is in what you learn – not just about the tasks you complete, or your title.

And if that learning occurs after you’ve been handed your diploma, that’s okay!

Relax. You’re building your career path.


One thought on “Who Says Post Grad Internships Are Ridiculous?

  1. Taking time to “learn your craft”. Amazing insight you have. Keep writing, I so enjoy reading your articles/blogs.

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