Monday Funday

Before starting my day, I always like to check my Twitter feeds and Facebook posts to check up on what’s happening in the social world. Knowing tech news is pretty crucial to my job search, so I think this time is warranted.

Today, I noticed a weird trend. Tons of people were posting about how much they hate Monday, are already tired just thinking about the week ahead, etc. I was talking to a friend last night and he kept saying how he was so upset it was Sunday night because that meant work in the morning. I find this really discouraging – I happen to enjoy both Sunday night and Monday morning.

While two days off after a week of work is generally good for one’s sanity, a week ahead of work doesn’t daunt me; it excites me.

I love knowing that I get to contribute to an organization’s success and learn new skills to help me succeed in the working world. While not having a regular paycheck has been somewhat of a problem this holiday season, I know that every day I put my full effort into work means I learn more and have a better chance at getting the job I know I deserve.

Plus… aren’t we all told to watch what we post on social media sites? What if your boss sees how much you hate Monday, and decides to find someone else who might not hate it as much? I hear a lot of people are looking for work… Just a thought.

I may only feel this way because I’m pretty fresh out of college and excited to see what the world has in store for me; but I don’t see my attitude towards work changing anytime soon. Working should be about doing something you love. Happy Monday!


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