SoCal Serenity

A couple weeks ago I moved to Southern California. The main reason for the move was that my boyfriend (of 7 years) got transferred here to work on a job for five months. So I figured what better place to spend my winter than SoCal? Turns out, I was right.

Since the transition from Portland, Oregon – where it was gloomy and dark even in September, I have felt a serious lightening of my energy. I’m not a zen master or yogi by any means, but my whole outlook has completely changed.

My job search is getting increasingly intensive, the work I’m doing for the positions I have now is getting better, I even applied to be a writer for the 2012 Obama campaign! (Talk about infused ambition.) Everything around me is new and fresh – just like it’s supposed to be when you’re 22 and straight out of college. But I wasn’t getting that in Portland. Graduating & moving back to where I’d been my whole life was nothing short of discouraging. And I LOVE Portland.

But a change of pace, of scenery, of people, of weather, was necessary for my life journey. I’m sitting in a courtyard looking over the city and straight onto the beach. It doesn’t get much better than eighty degrees on October 28. This is something so new and exciting to me that I can’t stop smiling.

Sure, it was difficult to leave family and friends; but I have my soul mate with me every step of the way, and we can find new loved ones here.

Maybe a change of location was all I needed to revamp my life search. But it’s good to keep your roots; I know that by February, I’ll be ready to move back to Oregon… at least until my next adventure :)



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