The golden arches have found themselves in the news once again.

McDonald’s have been “upgrading” their restaurants for some time now – leather couches, TVs, chandeliers, even fireplaces and aquariums have been found in these fast food havens over the past year. It is pretty clear that McD’s is trying to change their brand image and attract a wider market to their drive-thrus.

I always thought this was a strange move – you were established as a fast food diner; stay that way. It has been too long and too many customers going through those lines for their McFlurry to try and change your ways.

Well, turns out McDonald’s isn’t as classy as we all thought. An employee in a Georgia restaurant PUNCHED a woman in the face, while she was with her two autistic twins and one guide dog. Apparently, there was an argument over whether or not the dog was allowed in the restaurant. The woman said that it was perfectly legal; the employee fired person said that unless the kid was blind, there was no reason for the animal in the store. Intelligent.

So obviously, the logical thing to do was follow the woman to the bathroom and punch her in the face. She deserved it. Well done, McDonald’s. I wonder if that is in their training manual. “If the customer is wrong, punch them.”

Can’t wait to see the documentary come out about this one. They already have Hot Coffee under their belt – what’s next, Ronald?


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