The New Caffeine

It is pretty clear that as a society, we have turned to medication to make our lives better. What started as simply taking Tylenol for headaches has become a medical phenomenon; people take prescription medications for absolutely every ailment that hits them. Makes you wonder how people ever got along without these magical pills. Businesses are thriving on the use of medication. Pharma companies are the richest out there, and people flock to their solutions that are poured onto us daily through advertisements.

I have heard a lot about the new pill that is supposed to take the place of caffeine for shift workers. Nuvigil, which is made by Cephalon costs about six times the cost of a Starbucks “grande” coffee – per pill. We have all heard of caffeine pills before, and it sounds like this is essentially what this drug is. However, it hasn’t been proven to be more effective than coffee alone. It also happens to have a plethora of side effects that could be fatal. Cephalon has been targeting this new drug to shift workers, and spending a lot of money on advertising. Shift workers are perfect for this product because they are usually unsure about the time of their work schedule, and if it is in the middle of the night, their mind may not be performing at top speed.

Seems like a perfect advertising mechanism – they certainly know who their target market is. The problem I have, is will these workers take the time to research the med before jumping to conclusions and taking this addictive, dangerous pill instead of having their regular cup of joe?

Is society ready for a “miracle” caffeine pill?


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