Give A Shit

I was just reading my Twitter feed, and something came across advertising “” – so I had to go to the website and check it out. Turns out, it’s a website where you click icons of social problems, such as child abuse, gay rights, bees, domestic violence, etc. and if you click on one, it means that you “gave a shit” about the issue. There are tons of things that you can care about on the website. I clicked on all of the ones that popped up on my screen, and then you had the option to tweet about what you had clicked.

The tweet says “Your name just gave a shit about ____” And I was really nervous at first to tweet this. I’m trying to get a job, I’m networking with a lot of people, I was scared about tweeting something that was kind of crude. What’s the point of throwing in the bad language? And then I realized, just like the website says, the bad language isn’t offensive; child labor is offensive. Global warming is offensive. AIDS is offensive. So I tweeted my heart out, and cursed to all of the people that I have been networking with for several months now.

What does this say about our obsession with political correctness? Why has society trained us to NOT “give a shit”? If I care deeply about a cause, and I want to maybe attempt to spread some awareness, why can’t I say shit when talking about it? Maybe, this organization is onto something. It certainly caught my attention – I hope it will catch much more. China is the number one caring country on their international counter – the United States is farther down the list, with a much lower percentage of people that “gave a shit.” I wonder if our social views and nervousness when it comes to rocking the boat – even just a tiny bit – has anything to do with this.


2 thoughts on “Give A Shit

  1. It really doesn’t surprise me that the U.S is on the bottom half of that list. It seems that people are scared to use curse words or any language that might seem offensive because various companies have been locking their attention on social media and what potential and existing employees do say. I mean if it’s not harming yourself or your company then I say go ahead and do it. But, as the website said their are a lot of major issues that are offensive right now.

  2. I suppose I wasn’t as surprised about the U.S. being on the bottom of the list as I was sad. I really think that society & businesses put so much pressure on us to be perfect and never say anything that could offend ANYONE. The problem is, when you truly care about something, you have to get attention – and standing out requires more than just doing what the next charity is planning. Glad to hear that someone else thinks that if it’s doing nothing but helping, we shouldn’t be so worried about the way we word things. Thanks for the feedback!

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