Losing Faith?

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I read a lot of business news during the day – what corporation is doing what, who is succeeding, who is failing, what the newest innovation will be – after a while, all of the stories begin to run together. So, I took a new approach, and searched on WordPress for blogs about business. I thought it would be refreshing to hear what real people had to say about business today, rather than what CNN, Fortune, Time, (which are essentially all the same), or even Business Week and AdAge are talking about.

But I didn’t complete this search; my beloved WordPress website that lets me so freely analyze business news I come across, seems to hate business. The first sentence I read? “Business: it’s almost a dirty word these days.” And then the summary went on to talk about how people are steadily losing faith in CEOs, corporations, organizations, and firms, with the looming economy and unemployment rising. I know that most people have no faith in big business anymore – they are blaming corporations for the economic state we are in today. This is something that I can completely understand.

But it still makes me a little sad to know that society thinks business is failing them. I understand that businesses have their faults, as we all do; but I still find them intriguing and exciting to learn about. Hopefully, one day I will become a part of business, and be part of the change for the better; to restore humanity’s faith in what essentially runs this country.

Is everyone giving up on big business? If you aren’t seeing a six figure income each year, do you blame society? What’s going to happen when we all lose our trust, and stop responding to advertisements and messages that cost so much money and are essentially keeping these big firms alive?

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2 thoughts on “Losing Faith?

  1. I definitely feel more sentimental toward small businesses and I say that I have greater faith in them than in big businesses. I don’t think how bureaucratic large organizations are and there seems to be less humanity in them. Yet, when I look around me, 90% of what I own and do involves something brought to me by a major corporation. The simple truth is that it usually takes a high amount of investors to generate the capital required to provide us with such a high quality life at such a low cost. Hence, I have somewhat of a love/hate relationship with big business.

  2. I think that is a really common response – we all hate big business, but continue to invest in them without even realizing it. I would love to see more small businesses prevail as well; but you’re right, the amount of capital it takes to even compete is outrageous. I’m glad that you see it both ways – it always frustrates me when people only see the bad side of big business, but don’t realize how expensive and more difficult life would be without the Wal-Marts, Safeways, and Targets. I appreciate the feedback, thank you!

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