Yoplait ads might as well be in Greek

Yoplait has released a new type of yogurt – Greek. They have jumped on the bandwagon of offering high protein yogurt to their customers. Too little too late? I think that brands like Chobani have pretty much claimed the Greek yogurt market, and Yoplait Greek just seems mis-guided.

Their new advertisements don’t make any sense. A tall man jumping out of a vending machine to tell women to eat Greek yogurt? Doesn’t seem like that’s really hitting their target market — which is the women that he is trying to educate. Yoplait probably should have just gone with ads similar to ones they have released in the past. This would have created a consistent brand message, one that has obviously been extremely successful in the past.

Greek yogurt is certainly a new, growing trend – women all over love to know that it is both ‘delicious and nutritious.’ We’ll see how Yoplait does – it will be interesting to see how the advertisements are received, and how their Greek yogurt sales do. They certainly are joining this bandwagon a little late in the game. However, I do like their packaging a lot more than the current Chobani containers.


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