Electric Luxury

Rolls-Royce recently released an electric vehicle.

Admittedly, it is a nice looking car. I love the design.  They did a good job of keeping the classic Rolls look, with an updated twist. And then added in some new green technology.

However, I just do not think that releasing an EV makes much branding sense. Someone that can afford a Rolls in this economy probably isn’t all that worried about the gas prices that seem to be rising with no chance of halting; that are on the back of all of our minds every time we get behind the wheel. Rolls-Royce has always been featured as a luxury car, one that only the wealthiest people own. So why would their target market be concerned about gas prices? They certainly haven’t been concerned about the environment in the past; these cars are not exactly MPG friendly.

Is Rolls-Royce barking up the wrong tree here? This could be a lot of money going into R&D and market research, and I don’t see them coming out on top. I’m thinking they should leave the EVs to Toyota, Ford, and others that have already seemingly mastered this process. 


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