I was reading my daily dose of Fast Company online and came across a story titled “Inside Intel and Toshiba’s Social Film”. I was immediately intrigued to see if this film would be anything like the incredibly successful BMW short films that promoted their cars not too long ago (which, as I read on, the article spoke about as well.)

I found it very interesting that a product such as Intel, which has done such a great job advertising their “inside” technology, would take this route; it seems that short films featured on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook target a younger age group than would really care about what it means to have an Intel chip inside your computer. The demographic they are going after is generally more focused on the looks of their computer; and in making an “artsy” short film, it is even more obvious to me that they are going after a wildly successful competitor that features fruit on their products – and tends to capture a younger, more creative audience.

I will be very interested to see if these short films are popular, if I hear any buzz about them among people in my age group, and to see what Intel and Toshiba’s sales do after the launch of the series. It is important that they are directly involving their audience to have a say in the film’s outcome; this will certainly connect with the age group that they are looking for. Millenials tend to appreciate having a say in what an organization decides to do; we are clearly more qualified to make advertising decisions than the 45 year old man in a plush corner office.

Fast Company article:


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