VV vs AK

Because I am such a celeb gossip freak, I was checking up on Ashton Kutcher’s twitter, and noticed the fight that he was having with the Village Voice. My first thought is: I hate twitter fights. They are stupid, unprofessional, and just kind of weird.

However, regardless of where this battle between the two is taking place, I think it is an important one to consider. To me, it seems pretty ridiculous that the Voice thinks it may be a good idea to fight a man about child slavery who is doing so much to end the epidemic. How can that be good for your publicity?

The premise of the fight is that the Voice is claiming Ashton’s numbers are wrong; they do not believe that there are up to 300,000 children in prostitution in the United States; and they claim that this is inaccurate because they cited juvenile prostitution arrests. Did it ever occur to them that not every child prostitute gets arrested, is recorded, and not all of their predators are caught? The Voice is known for featuring escort and massage services ads in the back of their publication, and some people are thinking this may be the reason for their uproar at Ashton. Must be rough to be contributing to a problem that Ashton is trying to end – him and Demi have a pretty powerful fan base, and I imagine most people will be on their side for this one.

I am definitely biased; I work for a company, Shoe Revolt, that is also working to eradicate child trafficking in the United States. However, even without this background, the Voice’s thought process on this still seems, well, not very thoughtful at all.


Ashton’s Real Men campaign: http://www.demiandashton.org

Shoe Revolt: http://www.shoerevolt.com


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