Consumed by Caffeine

Yesterday, I had a LOT of work to get through. Before my 8:00am class, I had a 16 ounce coffee from Dutch Bros. And after my noon class, I had a 16 ounce latte from another coffee shop near me. Then I realized that I had spent $9.00 on coffee in a matter of seven hours – which to me, seemed like a lot. I knew that I “needed” my caffeine boost, because I had a long day ahead; a presentation, a paper, a proposal, some more work stuff. But purchasing all of that caffeine made me think about the coffee industry and why they are charging us an arm and a leg for some coffee beans.
Then I learned that making “green” coffee is extremely expensive for these producers, and their suppliers raise prices regularly; which gets passed onto the consumer. Americans are consistently complaining about their wallet size, and wondering when the recession is going to calm down. I’m wondering where most people have made some cuts. Because if I didn’t drink coffee every day, I could potentially save over $170 a month! I also might be grumpy and tired, but who knows if increased water consumption and some Vitamin D pills wouldn’t take care of that?

Coffee has become a large part of my life since I have taken on three internships before graduation, but I love the comfort of knowing after I drink a delicious latte or just a house coffee, my brain will kick start back on and I’ll once again be productive. So I don’t think coffee is going to be anything I give up anytime soon, especially with more opportunities coming my way. And I know that most of Americans won’t be willing to sacrifice their morning (and afternoon) wake up routine for a couple bucks. Which makes me think, go ahead coffee industry, make your production as green as possible and make sure those workers are paid fairly – because we, your customers, are not going anywhere.


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