Generational Marketing

Some recent opportunities coming my way have had me thinking more and more about marketing to different generations, and how marketers need to closely examine their consumer before running advertisements aimed at them.

As I have said before, I am interested in social marketing, and believe that if I am working for a company that has a greater cause in mind, I will be more motivated and excited about the mission. I took a job career predictor test, and my results were “idealistic and charitable.” This test said that I am deeply influenced by my emotions and have a gift for empathizing with and seeing good in others that is lost to their counterparts. It also told me that I evaluate situations in “human terms.” I know these career tests are usually pretty much a joke – but that one kind of hit the nail on the head.

I was reading an article about marketing to generations and how companies need to stop neglecting the older population; even baby boomers seem to be getting left in the dust. These people may have grown up in different times than my generation, the millenials, but they still actively use the Internet and watch television. There are clearly some changes in advertising when marketing to different generations, but I think that’s the key – there are changes. Not to just forget the old and let the new in.

There is a large, virtually untapped market that may just appreciate a little honesty in their advertisements, rather than gimmicks and funny sayings. 


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