I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

Today, one of my professors lectured about satisfaction, and what satisfying customers entails. He explained what it means for them, how marketers provide it, and how it is measured. We talked about satisfaction for two hours, and still barely breached the topic. It seems like such a simple concept, however is one of the most difficult feelings to provide for others. Satisfaction, by definition, is measured against our expectations. If we are pleasantly surprised by something, we are satisfied. If we don’t feel we received what we expected, we are not satisfied.

Different products clearly provide different levels of satisfaction to consumers; a dishwasher provides convenience and makes life a little easier, whereas driving an SUV instead of a minivan establishes a feeling of “being a cool mom.”

Since it is Wednesday, it seems appropriate to somehow tie this lecture on satisfaction into being wakened. So today, make it a goal to provide satisfaction to someone else; a customer, coworker, a family member, a friend, a pet. Somehow set an expectation for what you will do for them, and try and surpass that expectation to provide true satisfaction. See how this impacts them, if at all. And what kind of satisfaction did you provide? Did you provide love or convenience? Ease of use or clear direction? 

Happy Wakened Wednesday, I hope someone will try this little experiment.


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