E-book vs. Book

I recently acquired a Barnes & Noble Nook, and haven’t put it down since I got it. I ordered a case for it last night, and have been obsessively checking the UPS tracker to see if somehow, by some divine miracle, it has flown from New York to Oregon within a matter of hours. My new obsession has been making me wonder about the novelty of holding an actual book, and what e-readers are doing to the writing business. 

I have always loved reading; some of my earliest memories involve being surrounded by dozens of Beatrix Potter books in my childhood room. I still have all of those Beatrix Potter stories, and every once in awhile, I find myself looking through them and remembering how happy the tales about the kittens used to make me. There is something wonderful about getting lost in someone else’s life for just a little while, even though now I have more of an affinity for nonfiction and biographies than kittens.

I love my Nook, and I really love the convenience factor – being able to purchase a new book and have it in your “library” right away without having to actually go to Barnes & Noble is pretty incredible. I subscribed to Forbes, and can now read that on-the-go as well. The actual holding of a novel and turning the pages and creasing the edges I don’t miss as much as I thought I might- but I wonder if, in time, I will.

Are e-readers a movement similar to CDs and iPods? Maybe once “everyone” starts using them,  I will feel more comfortable about the whole concept.

Will Borders be able to stay alive without introducing this new technology? Many people have said it is the main thing that is saving Barnes & Noble, and the Kindle is a major revenue generator for Amazon. Just a thought – how are authors feeling about this change? Is the novelty of novels soon going to be lost upon us? Through an e-reader, they all look the same. However, the content is always different, and I think that dedicated readers can still enjoy curling up and reading a Kindle or a Nook as much as they can a physical book, just as music lovers have moved on from records. 


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