Another Gatorade Series?

Gatorade has launched another addition to their “G” line. This series is targeting athletes that may not compete anymore, but are still involved in fitness and hit the gym as often as The Situation from Jersey Shore. It is divided into three parts: 01 Prime, 02 Perform, 03 Recover. 

Looking good, Gatorade. Cool packaging, I like the names of the products – it is easy to understand when you are supposed to drink each one. Pretty self-explanatory stuff. Low calories, and they probably taste exactly as you would expect a new Gatorade product to taste.

The only problem I see arising from this new launch is that Gatorade seems to have so many product lines out already. We remember the teaser ads before they launched “G” – the ‘What is G?’ commercials that got consumers pretty excited to see what was coming. But I also remember the disappointment being pretty rampant; they got consumers ready to discover and invest in a new and exciting Gatorade product. But essentially released more flavors. I think that Gatorade may start to lose its’ novelty if it keeps launching new products that supposedly all do different things.

I understand where the company is coming from, and I’m sure that they have spent a lot of money, time, and research to make sure that there is a target market for this new line. However, I can definitely foresee some confusion coming from consumers. How different can a sports drink really be from its predecessor?

On the other hand, I definitely appreciate Gatorade advertisements, and look forward to watching some creative commercials and finding some impressive print ads to promote this line. Good luck, Gatorade!


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