social marketing

I read the news pretty religiously – I’m a CNN junkie and check the website at least three times a day. I love the CNN Money section, but every time that little survey pops up that wants to know if I’m an investor or a small business owner, I feel like I shouldn’t be there. In my quest to find a business news website that better suits me, I stumbled upon “Fast Company” – my new addiction and most used bookmark. Last night I read a story about a guy that made a water filter so kids can stop dying from contaminated water, and he is giving them away for free but still making a profit. This inspires me.

I am truly intrigued by social marketing, and I would love to be involved with at least one or two projects about it. It continuously surprises me how much power marketers hold; they literally change social structures and cultures all the time. I think that means that we should do some good with that power. I’m probably as sick of “Above the Influence” and “Truth Campaign” commercials as the next person, but the cause behind them really is pretty amazing.  I just hope that at some point in my career, I can say that I did some real good for the world, more than simply selling iPods or purses (even though selling anything at this point sounds like a great idea.) 

The Fast Company article:


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