Breaking Through the Noise

Noise. It’s what marketers have to break through in order to capture consumers’ attention better than our competitors. The problem is, noise is growing more and more dense every day. We know that social media, print ads, television ads, outdoor advertisements, e-mails, and product placement are common for advertisers in the 21st century. We know that American consumers see tens of thousands of ads every single day. And we know that in order to make them really register OUR ad, it has to be original, fresh, and clean. 

So breaking through the noise is becoming a serious problem. Marketers are having to become extremely clever about how they market their products. Not to mention it is absolutely necessary to understand your consumer; where they live, shop, what size family they have, what they purchase, etc. Grocery stores figured this out years ago with “club cards.” Japan is introducing billboards that register your face, gender, and age, and then display a product they think you would enjoy. Advertisements are beginning to watch people, rather than people watching advertisements. At what point have marketers gone too far? Gotten too close to the consumer that privacy boundaries are broken? 

Noise is a serious issue. And it is important to break through that noise. But do we have to invade privacy protocol in order to do that? Maybe. Maybe not. What I do know, is that 21st century marketing is changing the advertising world forever. And I can’t wait to be a part of that change. 

Watch the Japanese Billboard:


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