It’s seven o’clock on a Monday night, and I’m attempting to find the motivation to get some serious work done on some papers and reading I have to do. So I made a cup of coffee with some fat free Hazelnut creamer (Coffee Mate, the best), and put on Adele to find some inspiration.

Then it struck me – who else is sitting at their desk right now, trying to complete some arbitrary task that as of now seems to add no real meaning to their life? I’ve noticed a trend among bloggers, Facebook friends, Twitter followers, and the like: Motivational Mondays. Everyone has something to say to motivate everyone else on Monday. And I understand that most Mondays do need a little something extra to get us motivated and excited for whatever tasks lay ahead at our cubicles, classrooms, home offices, or wherever we go to start our week. But I tend to think that the biggest trouble really comes in the middle of the week. So, I’m going to post for Wakened Wednesdays. Just a little motivation to get through hump day and on to the weekend productively!





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